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About the Artist

That's Me after i belive it was 6 hours o buffing and waxing. Just installed my sister's desk

Jesse Boyd

I grew up like any child, going to arts and craft shows with my parents ...They've always been able to show me what it feels like to make something out of nothing. Better yet, something that no one has ever seen before.

I took wood shop in High school for 4 years, 2 of those years was as R.O.P Training. (not to mention my excellent math and geometry skills). I was also member of the V.I.C.A.(Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) cabinetmaking Team for a few years. I won several regional competitions for cabinetmaking, Went on to win the State Competition, and wound up getting 3rd place at the national post secondary level.( got nervous, made a couple small mistakes) I continued on to Sierra college for another 3 years. I've taken their full array of Cabinetmaking and Furniture classes. They have one of the best shops on the west coast, and a couple of really good teachers. I can remember the lectures from Mr. Woodside telling us what to do if a project didn't turn out perfect. It was "toss it into the neighbor's yard" or "paint it green". Luckily i haven't had to do that with anything yet.

I currently work as a designer for a manufacturing plant. Over 10 years experience drafting custom products for fabrication. That combined with my wood knowledge gives me an unlimited amount of designs that i can make. Feel free to contact me with custom requests.    HappySawDust@gmail.com

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