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Unfinished Saw Dust

Cory's Desk

I'm Currently building this Desk for my Brother. It's my on and off again project. The overall footprint size is 8' x 4'-6". Custom design based on what my brother needs in a desk. Electronic's Cabinet and computer storage below provides hidden storage for those unsightly cords. 7 drawers provide plenty of storage space.

I'm currently working on the top to the desk. Its a custom inlay with over 200 pieces of wood. About halfway done. Still have a few more cut-outs to do, then final assembly. After the top gets finished, about all i will have left are the handles and all my final sanding. well then the finish. A little bit of wax and alot of buffing. Should be good to go.

Materials Used: Black Walnut, Wendge, Maple, and Purple-Heart

Chess Set This chess set is very similar to the one that's in my Gallery. Instead of Purple-Heart Trim on the perimeter of the board and drawer fronts, I have Ebony. The "light" pieces are turned from a very nice piece of big leaf maple. and the "Dark" pieces are from a piece of Figured Purple-Heart.

Materials Used: Bird's-Eye Maple, Purple Heart, Ebony, Quater-sawn Oak, Big Leaf Maple, Figured Purple-Heart.

Casket Dart Box Casket style Box. Contains holder for 3 full size darts.

Materials Used: Spalted Maple, "Uncle Jay wood"

Piles of Wood I have a couple of piles of wood of different varieties waiting to become something. Just which board to use for which project? Sometimes that's the part that takes the longest.

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