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Saw Dust Left-overs. My Gallery of Wood Pieces

Dad's "Galaxy Crafts" Box

The main design on this box was modeled after my Dad's Logo for his company, Galaxy Crafts. This Box features a unique "Z" style of opening. The top has to be twisted off, WHen twisted, it reveals that "Z" that hold the lid on.

Woods Used: Hawaiian Koa, Ambrosia Maple, Hard Rock Maple, & Ebony.

About my Galley

All Items shown here were personally designed and made by Jesse Boyd(that's me). I try to update my gallery with everything i've made as to have a good portfolio of what i can do. Please feel free to contact me for custom requests.

Box Gallery Custom made boxes of every size and shape. Specializing in custom inlaid designs. Exotic and Domestic Hardwoods used in many different combinations to come up with a unique design every time. The perfect gift for anybody for anything. From family to friends, to anybody you want to give something special to.

Clock Gallery Custom Made Clocks. Time pieces that will last forever. Custom made clocks from domestic and exotic hardwoods. Mantle Clocks, Wall Clocks, and Grandfather Clocks.

Desk Gallery Custom designed and Built Computer Desks. (Custom made Computers included upon special request). Custom desks designed to fit any style or any purpose. Built to Suit. Want something, but don't know where to start? Feel free to contact me.

Custom Game Sets Custom made game sets. Custom Chess sets, Backgammon sets, Dominoes, and more. Get a custom made game set just for you. Also makes for a very special gift. Where else can you get a custom made game set like these? Feel free to contact me with custom Requests.

Misc. Wood Items I've made quite a variety of things out of wood. Something i haven't made enough off to have a "category" for them, so this is it. Custom Shelves, Car Stereo Faceplate, Custom Guitar and Guitar Cases, and more.

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