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Welcome to HappySawDust.com

This is a place where i can share one of the things that have always made me happy. Making sawdust. Well, Why Sawdust ? (I know that's the burning question on everyone's mind)

It's the one of the only common things between the projects i do. When they vary from cabinets to furnture, to boxes, to game sets, to clocks, and more importatntly to all the things i haven't had a chance to build yet.

What makes it so happy, you might also ask? Well, I suppose it's the state of mind it puts me while creating.

So far this is mainy just a galley of what i've done over the years. (since around 1990 when i first got bit by the wood bug in Highschool) I soon hope to add a store and other educational items about wood and all the wonderful things that can be done with it.

Let the Sawdust Fly!

So here's Pictures of a few of my latest projects, i have plans for a good website overhall, but that's been in the works for a while, hard to find the time.

Made a Desk for myselfy, and then reburbished a few guitars. The first one was orginal All white, I painted on several layers and then sanded it down to give it a used look.

The green dragonis black and green, the green portion of the paint is actaully textured Like Scales, and it has a custom Pickboard (Courtsy of my recently built CNC machine)

Jesse's DeskHigh TideGreen DragonGreen Dragon Close up

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